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Ignite your child’s
   passion for learning.


Ignite your child's...





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InnovativeED is dedicated to igniting your child’s passion for learning! We provide customized education and concierge-level care services for children in grades K-8. We are family-oriented, working closely with parents to create an individualized educational plan for their child based on the child’s personal interests, preferred learning style, tutoring goals and learning needs.


Our unique and innovative approach is focused on whole child development, fostering meaningful learning experiences using inquiry and problem- and project-based teaching methods to engage your child’s natural curiosity, inspire confidence, and accelerate learning. InnovativeED is your trusted education partner, igniting your child’s passion for learning by connecting academics with their own life experiences. Our methods illuminate your child’s path of self-discovery, inspiring them to embrace a lifelong learning mindset and achieve measurable academic, social, and emotional gains.

We Ignite...




Passion for Learning

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How Are
We Different?

We Celebrate Your Child’s Individuality

lnnovativeED is committed to providing children with the most meaningful learning experiences through our whole child development approach that ignites learning, empowers parents, and encourages direct and open communication. We also work to build a collaborative community of support professionals in any additional education, childcare and therapeutic services that may contribute to your child's customized education plan.

Our unprecedented educational tutoring and extended care services, restorative family groups, and inclusive community events all have one common goal: to reinvigorate student learner confidence, reignite significant academic gains and maximize lifelong learning potential.

How Are We Different

Results Driven Methodology

InnovativeED recognizes that the online learning loss is real and parents do not have the time to get their children back on track and/or excel in school. Unfortunately, a teacher with 20+ students in a class cannot focus on just one student and is forced to move the class forward. This leads to children falling behind, anxiety, and stress.


We pride ourselves on working with parents and their child to develop a successful social emotional learning style that is tailored to the child’s specific needs!

We have developed a 6 step results-driven process where we start with assessing your child, evaluating and determining their strengths and areas for improvement. Then we customize a

Personalized Learning Profile (PLP) that is specifically tailored to your child and encompasses parent coaching tools. Over our agreed upon time period, generally two times a week, we work and mentor your child, targeting and focusing on their strengths to gain confidence to work on targeted improvements.


The result is a more confident child who begins to enjoy learning, and their grades organically begin to improve. Our students’ report card grades speak to the efficacy of our program, with initial score gains averaging 1 to 2 levels. Once we get them on track, we recommend that our InnovativeED mentor, parents and child keep the forward momentum going to accelerate measurable academic, social and emotional gains, and keep pace as educational demands increase with each grade level.

Result Driven Methodology
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What We Do

Our Personalized Services

All InnovativeED students receive customized

tutoring and mentoring services developed just for them, using methodologies that resonate with each student's unique learning style, academic strengths, and learning goals.


Recognizing the reality of on line learning fatigue brought on by the pandemic, we are currently focusing on in-person education and extended care services with tutors who follow our strict safety guidelines.*


* All of our educators (tutors and mentors) are vaccinated, thoroughly screened and background checked prior to receiving a student assignment.

Our child education experts focus on:

  • Tutoring In Targeted Subject Areas (Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies)

  • Social Emotional Learning (Character Education)

  • Special Education

  • Enrichment Programs & Prep School (i.e. Gifted & Talented Program Acceptance)

  • Related Care Services (school pick ups, in home extended care, etc.)


We perform our services in:

  • Your Home

  • Our On-Site Facility located in Rockville, MD

  • Nearby Developmentally Appropriate Location

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—Mr. John Chen


I love the customization of learning through relationship building games! Just last week, I came to pick up my son early from school but he wanted to finish his math test. My child is now so motivated - this goes way beyond ‘I can do it’

What We Do

Educational Mentorship Packages
(Behavioral and/or Academic)

Single Child

One on one personalized learning is the most effective method to make a specific targeted positive impact in your child’s life, whether in school, at home or anywhere they go. Our whole child development programs include learning preparedness, tutoring (general or subject-specific), as well as concierge-level care services such as educational games, picking up students from school or aftercare, social and emotional development, and even helping parents advocate for outside services such as an Individualized Education Program (IEP) at their school. We will work with you to the best of our ability to provide the services your child needs to excel!

Multi-Child Family

Some families have more than one child that needs assistance, so we offer Multi-Child Family Tutoring Services (as deemed appropriate). We work with each child one on one, as well as collaboratively, showing them how to work effectively in teams. This works effectively for families, while continuing to maximize learning. 


InnovativeED prides itself on providing concierge-level child education and related care services at reasonable prices. We believe a great mentoring and tutoring experience should be affordable for our families. Accordingly, we offer completely customized services at an amazing value:


Mr. Corvino:
$75/ hour per child

Certified Teacher:
$60/ hour per child

Non-Certified Subject Matter Specialist
(e.g., Math, English):

$50/ hour per child

Educational Packages
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Dual-Certified Educator/President

Devin created InnovativeED to make meaningful differences in providing customized educational tutoring and extended care services for children to excel in both school and life. Devin worked for several public school systems, focusing on Childhood Education with Special Needs and Elementary K-6. While working as a 2nd grade teacher in the Montgomery County Public School district in Maryland, Devin recognized that schools have become overwhelmed and cannot provide the personalized service that’s needed for children to meet their potential. Devin is a certified teacher who studied in New York State at Queens College, receiving two bachelor degrees: Interdisciplinary Studies & Physical Education (K-12), and a Master’s Degree from SUNY Cortland in Childhood Education (K-6).

Our Leadership

Vice President of Operations

At InnovativeED, Raymond manages all support service operations, including hiring, student/tutor scheduling, timely correspondence, and billing. Raymond has extensive senior management experience leading numerous business divisions, such as Customer Service, Digital Channel Marketing, and Billing & Payment organizations. Over his career, he has successfully developed and implemented many customer centric improvements and process enhancements. Raymond’s strength is listening to the “Voice of the Customer,” then delivering solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. Raymond has won numerous industry awards and is sought to speak at various webinars and conferences. Raymond earned his BBA and MBA from Dowling College in Oakdale, New York.

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